Qmodi uses your tracking data to make better predictions about accurate delivery times.

You are probably wondering what information we can collect and why we need it. The primary data we collect is longitude and latitude coordinates and a time stamp. With these data points we can begin to make better predictions about the time taken between two points or multiple strings of points. Our goal with this data is to form our own analysis of prediction based on commercial vehicle travel. Currently, Apple and Google do not collect such data.

Qmodi uses tracking data to collect data on the locations you visit.

Because Qmodi is collecting time stamped longitude and latitude coordinates, we are able to record data on every location you deliver to. Our goal is to use the data you share with Qmodi deliver more transparency within the industry. Drivers, Motor Carriers, and Brokers are help to standards and a rating system, yet we don’t have such data available for each location. The data you share with us will help create a Location Performance metric.

Qmodi uses tracking data to share your breakdown location.

Unfortunately, it happens. One of the great benefits of using Qmodi is our ability to precisely predict where your breakdown is occurring. Your dispatch team can send a special breakdown link to a wrecker or a tow company with your GPS coordinates. Now the wrecker or tow truck company can update you with their ETA and you can see exactly where they are.